Relax, South Pacific Island Style

What is Kava?

Kava is a plant in the pepper family that grows in the south pacific islands that has been used for thousands of years for ceremonial gatherings such weddings, anniversaries, reunions, etc. 

To consume kava, people powderize the root of the plant and strain it in a large bowl to share with a group. 

Each strain of kava has unique medicinal properties depending on the region that it’s grown in. Common benefits for consumers include: 

  • full body muscle relaxation 
  • decreased social anxiety
  • improved sleep quality
  • reduced inflammation. 

Does Kava Have Any Negative Effects?

Typical concerns about kava include the potential for nausea and liver damage. Kava is a diuretic that can dehydrate consumers and lead to nausea if they don’t drink water with their kava. At Kava Roots, we are diligent in reminding our customers to hydrate if they plan on drinking large amounts of kava during their time at the bar. Liver damage from kava is extraordinarily rare, and has been cited to have an estimated frequency of clinically apparent liver injury of less than 1:1,000,000 daily doses. 

Being well-hydrated and staying away from drinking kava on an entirely empty stomach are great ways to combat almost all undesirable effects of kava.

What is Drinkin Kava Like at Kava Roots?

At kava roots, people typically seek out kava when they’re looking for a way to relax with their friends and share a drink together. At our kava bar, we serve the kava in coconut shells and mix the kava using shaker bottles specifically designed to strain the kava into water. We offer three different strains of kava at the bar, which have effects ranging from very uplifting and social effects to relaxing sleep aids depending on what you’re looking for.

Kava’s taste is relatively ‘earthy’, and we serve the drink with pineapple as a refreshing ‘chaser’.

If you’re new to kava, our ‘kavatenders’ are very knowledgeable and can help you choose which strain will be the best for you to try.

We also offer ready-to-drink carbonated kava soft drinks such as Leilo and Stay Cool that are more similar to a kombucha or soda pop for a more familiar taste.

Let an Experienced Kava-Tender Show You The Ropes

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