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The social getaway that provides a healthy environment for all walks of life to unwind and recharge.

Come Chill With Us

At Kava Roots we welcome everyone into a fun environment where all walks of life are welcome to unwind and recharge. We serve traditional polynesian-influenced beverages that are leading a new wave of social relaxation. All of our products have their roots in ceremonial gatherings and social events, so we’ve built an environment that brings people together to make new friends and have a great time.

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What We Serve

At Kava roots we serve a variety of traditional beverages from the South Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia that have been bringing people together for generations. Our staple products are traditional kava mixed with water and served in coconut shells, as well as our specialty brew botanical tea, which is served in a variety of flavors such as peach, blue raspberry, strawberry, etc.

If you have heard about kava or botanical tea but aren’t totally familiar with their effects or benefits, head to the link below to learn a bit about each plant and how they’re consumed. 

You’re more than welcome to skip this step if reading isn’t your jam and we’ll be happy to teach you at the kava bar! 

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Kava Roots Event Calendar

What’s happening at Kava Roots? End your night with some fun times courtesy of Kava Roots. We always have something going on. Come make new friends and win some prizes weekdays at Kava Roots.

Is This a Bar?

Here’s our best answer – sort of! All ages are welcome into Kava Roots, and there are no legal age restrictions on the consumption of kava or botanical tea. (So no, you don’t need to be 21 to come hang!) 

Similar to a bar, Kava Roots has a fun and social atmosphere for people to unwind with relaxing beverages and music. Unlike a bar, Kava Roots doesn’t serve any products that come with hangovers or judgment-impairing intoxication because we want people to have a place that they feel good about going to. (many of us have left a bar with some regrets about going in the first place!)

Grab a Friend and Head On Down!

Kava Roots is open from 11:00am to 10:00pm seven days a week.

We’re located on 928 Broadwater Ave and you can find us on both Apple and Google Maps by searching for Kava Roots.

We’re excited to have you!

Our Drinks

Our Most Popular Items from our Menu

Traditional Kava

Kava Root Powder in a Shaker or Bowl

Leilo Kava Seltzer

The Original Kava in a Can. Low Calorie, Great Tasting

Extra Strength Kava

Same Size and Container, Prepared with a Double

Stay Cool Kava & CBD Seltzer

A Refreshing Seltzer infused with Kava and CBD

Kava Smoothie

Delicious Smoothies with Traditional Kava or Concentrate

Botanical Smoothie

Smoothie Made with Botanical Tea

Kava Concentrate

Try it in Your Botanical Tea for an extra calming effect

Botanical Tea

White and Green Botanical Tea, Brewed Daily

Order Your Kava ,
& Botanical Tea Now

We offer bulk Kava and Botanical Tea Leaves for our customers to use at home.

This is a great place to hang out. A great alternative to the norm. Great people. Great music. We've never had a bad experience. Go check it out!
Harvey Singh
Billings, MT

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